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ORANJ Trifold Brochure (pdf)

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Legislative Committee Handbook

The ORANJ Legislative Committee Handbook contains material that is useful for ORANJ Legislative Committee members and for comparable committees at member CCRCs — and indeed for anyone interested in senior issues. Much of the handbook is simply links to appropriate pages of the website of the New Jersey Legislature. Of special interest to seniors is a section listing the current legislators who are on the four committees of interest to senior citizens. A table lists New Jersey CCRCs, their legislative districts, and indicates whether their legislators are on any of the four committees.

Finance Committee Guidebook

In the summer of 2007, ORANJ published a Finance Committee Guidebook for residents of CCRCs who are serving on Finance Committees, as well as other interested Residents, to help them achieve a basic understanding of their CCRC’s financial position and performance as reflected in its financial statements and other key documents. The Guide was updated in 2010. It provides information to answer fundamental questions such as:

  • What is needed for a CCRC in order to have long-term financial stability?
  • How do you dig useful financial information out of a CCRC’s financial statements?
  • What are a resident’s financial rights and protections under the law?

Download a complete copy of the Guidebook (pdf).

Although not ORANJ publications, the following are of interest:

Continuing Care Retirement Communities, a.pdf document, revised in June 2011 by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, includes a list of CCRCs on page 34.