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One of the core missions of ORANJ is monitoring and seeking to influence the enactment and enforcement of laws and regulations that pertain to residents of CCRCs in New Jersey.

To support this effort, we have prepared a Legislative Handbook, which contains material that is useful for ORANJ Legislative Committee members and for comparable committees at member CCRCs. This is a collection of information about the four committees in the New Jersey legislature that deal with laws of interest to residents of CCRCs, as well as guidelines for taking action. The handbook is updated with each new session of the legislature.

CCRC Laws and Regulations

2013 Amendment to P.L.1986 c.103 (NJ website) (.pdf), known as the Bill of Rights for Independent CCRC Residents. On April 6, 2015, the Department of Community Affairs issued Regulations for the 2013 Amendment (.pdf). A New Jersey Ombudsman brochure summarizes the Bill of Rights for Independent Living (.pdf).

The Bill of Rights for Assisted Living, P.L. 2011 Chapter 58 (NJ website) (.pdf), was adopted in April, 2011. A New Jersey Ombudsman brochure summarizes the Bill of Rights for Assisted Living (.pdf).

On July 15, 2008, an amendment to the 1976 law, P.L.1976, c.120 (NJ website) (.pdf), concerning rights of nursing home residents was approved. A New Jersey Ombudsman brochure summarizes the Bill of Rights for Long Term Care (.pdf).

2007 Amendment to Section 16 of P.L.1986, c.103 (NJ website). As described at  ORANJ and the 2007 amendment, this amendment, like the 2013 amendment on the Bill of Rights, was a result of the work of the Legislative Committee of ORANJ. It has two parts. Part I covers five topics: a) resident organization, b) quarterly meetings with residents, c)  addressing resident complaints, d) discussion about proposed actions, and e) resident representation on CCRC boards. Part II provides for a Continuing Care Advisory Council. Part II has never been implemented and there is ongoing controversy concerning compliance with the provisions of Part I.

Other Laws of Interest

P.L.2013, c.191.  Chapter 40 –  Establishes New Jersey Yellow Dot Program.
NJAC Title 5 Chapter 19 – 2014 CCRC Regulation and Financial Disclosure Act Regulations
NJ52:27D 330 (2014) –  NJ Law describing CCRCs – 55 pages
P.L. 2004 Chapter 41 –  Provider Bed Tax
P.L. 2004 Chapter 93- Defibrillators in nursing homes
P.L. 1999 Chapter 0332 –  Right to Return Home
P.L. 2006 Chapter 84: – Prescription Drug Retail Price Registry
P.L. 2015 Chapter 115 – CCRCs must provide residents with information on influenza vaccines for older adults.  Became law 10/13/15

Current Bills of Interest  to Seniors

Federal Bills
         US Senate S.704  Community Based Independence for Seniors Act.
LeadingAge summary of US Senate Bill S.704
LeadingAge December 2016 update on revised S.704
LeadingAge May 2016 Brief on Home and Community Based Services Issue
        House of Representatives H.R.4212 Community Based Independence for Seniors Act.

State Bills
S514/ A1481  New Jersey Veterans Exemptions – supported by ORANJ
A1385 – Increases New Jersey Estate Tax Filing Threshold to $1,000,000
A2451 S2474  – New Jersey Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill
S1393 – New Jersey Long Term Care Oversight Act
A2213/ S820 – Create the crime of victimization for handicapped and senior citizens
S764/A746  – Requires each hospital board of trustees to adopt a written policy governing conflicts of interest.
A1946/S249 – “Compounding Pharmacy Quality Assurance Act”; requires accreditation of compounding pharmacies.

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