The April 2018 Plenary will be at Cedar Crest 

Meeting Reports — Click on a report title to show/hide the report.

Fall 2017 Plenary at Stonebridge at Montgomery - Handouts from Leading Age and NaCCRA, new name for Ombudsman's office
Spring 2017 Plenary at Seabrook
Fall 2016 Plenary at Medford Leas - Links to Jeremy Vicker's slides and Dr. Mary Swigar's handout
Spring 2016 Plenary at Applewood, Speakers: Marcia Greenfield, Scott McBride and Jason Annuziato, and Joe Stringfellow
Fall 2015 Plenary at Meadow Lakes, Speakers: Michael Pierce, Generations on Line; Barbara Gay, LeadingAge
Spring 2015 Plenary Meeting at Crestwood Manor, Speakers: Senator Robert Singer; Stacy Judge, Springpoint Wellness
Fall 2014 Plenary Meeting at Cedar Crest, Speakers: James McCracken, NJ Ombudsman; Dan Seeger, NaCCRA; Keith Grady, Applewood
Spring 2014 Plenary Meeting at Seabrook, Speakers: Michelle Kent, Leading Age NJ; Donna Giovanetti, Mercer County Division of Consumer Affairs
Fall 2013 Plenary Meeting at Medford Leas, Speakers: Elaine Fultz on Social Security;Beth Sparling, Executive Director, Crane's Mill
Spring 2013 Plenary Meeting at Applewood, Speakers: Heather Howard on the Affordable Health Care Act; Ray Guarino, Cedarcrest Marketing Director
Fall 2012 Plenary Meeting at Monroe Village, Speakers: Stephen Maag on the Affordable Care Act; Francis Bllee and Judith Henninger, Atlanticare
Spring 2012 Plenary Meeting at Crane's Mill, Speakers: Crystal Edwards on advance planning; Sudhansu Chokroverty on sleep
Fall 2011 Plenary Meeting at Meadow Lakes, Speakers: Somesh Nigan, VP Johnson & Johnson; David Barile, NJ Goals of Care
Spring 2011 Plenary Meeting at Franciscan Oaks, Speakers: James McCracken, NJ Ombudsman; Katherine Pearson, Pennsylvania State University
Fall 2010 Plenary Meeting at Harrogate, Speakers: Michele Guhl, NJAHSA; State Senator Robert Singer
Spring 2010 Plenary Meeting at Applewood, Speakers: Deborah Breslin, NJ Health Insurance Assistance Program; Keith Zeigler, Ziegler Capital Markets
Fall 2009 Plenary Meeting at Cedar Crest, Speakers: Peter Desh, NJ DCA; Doug Pace, AAHSA
Spring 2009 Plenary Meeting at The Fountains at Cedar Park, Speakers: Stephen Maag, AAHSA; Charles Graziano, aide to Congressman Adler
Fall 2008 Plenary Meeting at Arbor Glen, Speakers: Carol Ann Campbell, Star Ledger; John Shure, President, NJ Policy Perspectives.
Spring 2008 Plenary Meeting at Medford Leas, Speakers: Solomon Randall, NJ Sustainable State Institute; Fred Profeta, Deputy Mayor of Maplewood for the Environment.
Fall 2007 Plenary Meeting at Franciscan Oaks, Speakers: Candy Ashmun, on Environmental issues; Linda Rose, VP of Health Services for Presbyterian Homes and Services,
Spring 2007 Plenary Meeting at The Pines at Whiting
Fall 2006 Plenary Meeting at Stonebridge at Montgomery, Speaker: Michael Patterson, AARP
Spring 2006 Plenary Meeting at Fellowship Village, Dennis Koza, Medford Leas; Catherine Kelly, Seabrook Village; Ford Livengood, Fraud Unit of Essex County