ORANJ was established in 1991 for the purpose of supporting, empowering, and bettering the lives of senior citizens of New Jersey.

The Residents Associations (RAs) address the well-being of the residents of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) who reside in Independent Living units, Assisted Living units, or Long Term Care units of such communities. RAs in all of the twenty-six CCRCs presently certified for occupancy in New Jersey are members of ORANJ. Over 10,000 seniors are currently in residence.

Members: ORANJ welcomes into membership all Residents Associations of CCRCs certified by the state of New Jersey.

Leadership: The ORANJ Executive Committee consists of the elected officers and the appointed chairs of the Standing Committees.

Process: Delegates from member Associations meet each spring and fall in plenary session. The Executive Committee meets as necessary between the plenary sessions to conduct the on-going work of the organization. The Standing Committees meet as often as necessary to carry out assigned responsibilities.

Newsletters and Research
The Publications page includes copies of The ORANJ Tree since 2007 and ORANJ Leaf since 2014. The Research page contains more than two dozen surveys and reports since 2005.

Major Activities of ORANJ

  • To facilitate communication and interchange by sponsoring semi-annual meetings among its members and by disseminating information about its activities through New Jersey media outlets
  • To protect and enhance residents rights by monitoring legislation affecting CCRCs and serving as an advocate for residents.
  • To support Resident Association Health Care Committees in promoting cooperation between health care staff and residents to enhance the residents’ well being
  • To provide information and service to new CCRCs to help them establish productive programs through their Residents Associations.


To further its goals, ORANJ works closely with allied organizations including: